Frau Day 2016

Frau-north'16The tradition continues…simply the best.

Frau Day'16MNo alumnus Mark Jocelyn would be proud! One of our favorite days of the year…

Frau Pre+Capt'16The dedicated MNo duty team.

Cadet Ball in Niagara Falls

IMG_8641On the eve of Church Parade, the senior boys in the House enjoyed getting together for Cadet Ball. Special guests this year included Nicholas Prestia and Robert Zhu!

Church Parade

IMG_8635Nifemi Olafisan [Lead snare drummer] and Tallis Robarts [Bass drummer] have been a tour de force this year in the Cadet Marching Band, No. 162.Band.NoelPrefect Noel Cousins [clarinet] from PEI is Captain of the Cadet Band this year.IMG_8644Nathan Zetune relaxes with friends following Church Parade this past Sunday, April 24th.

MNo House Music Night Showcase 2016

IMG_8590Ethan Crowe [MC + vocals] is joined by Cam Beaudry [guitar] and Nifemi Olafisan [drums] representing MNo in our annual House Music Night Showcase.IMG_8593Antonio Aspite who helped co-ordinate MNo House Music Night again this year is joined by Philip Brenninkmeyer in yet another epic performance on their guitars!

Friday night evening study with Coach McCourt

eve study'16Study hall in Merritt North is a popular spot for those who want to get some serious work done…in the zone.

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