Ridley at the Movies

Popcorn for breakfast, why not! Around 200 students and faculty filled the theatre this morning to watch Avengers End Game.  Lots of cheering and tears too.

Arts Awards

Many fantastic performances at Arts Awards Night, including Debbie with a saxophone solo with the Jazz Band and Sharon and Angela getting a standing ovation for their performance of Sam Smith’s song ‘Lay Me Down’.

IB Graduate Art Exhibition

Fantastic and creative pieces of art representing work from the past 2 years completed by our IB HL and SL students are up on display. Here are works by Carly and Crystal.


Personal Project Showcase 2019

The grade 10 students had a chance to showcase the products they created for their MYP Personal Projects. They explored a wide range of topic, including; Learning Italian, Dance & Physicality and How to Build a Chicken Coop (to name only a few) See more photos at Personal Project


February Bithdays​

Celebrating the ‘February Babies”.

Alina, Tessa, Mowa
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