Four-Square Soccer

9:00am on a Saturday morning and the flamingos were out in force 🙂

Snake Dance 2017

Ridley pride, and a lot of fun!

2017-2018 is off to a great start!

After welcoming all the new girls we headed out to camp White Pine where we had a fun, albeit, chilly, time! We even won camp olympics — G Wwweeeessssttttt!


Cadet Ball and Magic Show

It’s been a busy weekend for the girls of G-West! On Saturday, the long-awaited Cadet Ball happened. Grade 11 and 12 students dressed in their finest, posed for pictures outside of the house, and then headed off for dinner and dancing! Grade 9 and 10 students went to Niagara Falls for a Magic Show by a well known Magician Greg Frewin!

Overall, it was a great night for everyone!


Amnesty International Concert

What an amazing performance by all of our GWest representatives at the Amnesty International Concert. 

Check out our photos page to see them in action! 


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