March Update!  

The stretch from the return of Christmas break to March Break has always seemed the longest, coldest, and darkest part of the year. However, this year the boys have had a jammed packed schedule of: academics, events and experiences to bring energy and excitement to even the coldest days. Here are some of the highlights of this term:

  • Bermuda Cup events: The boys competed in 2 events this term, the first, House Reach, tested their brains instead of their muscles. The boys were happy with their 2nd place finish. The second event, House Basketball, occurred as part of a larger event: Winter Carnival. Dean’s ended the day in a 3-way tie for 2nd place, falling to 3rd after point totals were calculated.
  • Wacky Weather: Not to be undone by the all the other excitement the boys were shown a “Traditional” Canadian winter complete with 3 days off school due to snow, wind and ice.
  • Superbowl: The boys got together to watch the big game together! Although the game was a little less eventful than the boys were hoping, they still enjoyed the inter-house games, prizes, and food. Payton Roud continues her streak of winning her bingo card despite her bedtime.
  • Grade Dinners: The Roud family hosted advisory dinners; inviting each advisor group in for a homemade meal. Both Mr. Arkell and Mr. Lippert’s advisory groups have attended. Both groups left with smiles, compliments and full bellies.
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner: In the spirt of love the leadership team (Prefects, House Captains, and Grade Reps) organized a Valentine’s Day dinner for the house. A special meal in the RMT complete with a chocolate fountain, red and white decorations, and candlelight were just some of the many thoughtful elements of the dinner which the boys really appreciated.
  • Family Day: In the light of Family Day, an Ontario holiday recognizing the importance of families and spending time with loved ones. The entire house engaged in the making of “Warm Fuzzies” for each other; compiling pages of one-line sentiments of appreciation for each other. We hope you enjoyed the comments that the boys in the house said about your son. We are so lucky to have each and every one of them in our house!
  • Prefect speeches: We have been so lucky to have Jordan and Tomi share their wisdom and experience with the house and school during their prefect speeches during chapel!
  • Asmat: It was an exciting moment for the house and the entire school as we learned that Asmat had been offered a full scholarship to Huron University at Western. This scholarship the largest in school’s history was for Asmat’s continued success and constant drive to make the world a better place. We are so proud of Asmat!
  • Dean’s Ski Day: We hit the slopes at Holiday Valley in New York. For many of the boys, they challenged themselves by taking the risk of trying something new – skiing and snowboarding for the first time! A day filled will (many) falls and (more) smiles as the boys developed a new skill.
  • Athletics: Not to be forgotten or over shadowed sports were alive and well this term. Some top place finishes as the rowers competed in the Ontario Erg competition, the First Boys Hockey became back-to-back MPHL Champions, the First Boys Basketball team went all the way to the CISAA semi-finals, the First Swim team saw gold and silver medals at OFSAA, and, our very own Tomi Johnson was named to the OSBA All-Academic team! So many amazing accomplishments from so many of the boys!
  • March Break: For many of the boys the break was a time to head home and relax for others it was a time to participate participating in service in China or Milawe, or competing in hockey or basketball. In either case we hope all had a wonderful break.

We look forward to the boys returning and the spring season which is fast approaching. Please follow us on Facebook on our Dean’s House page, Twitter @DeanHouse and on Instagram @Deans.House.Knights to keep up to date on your daily dose of Dean’s House.


2018 Recap!


As a house, we had a few exciting months together. On move in day we participated in group bonding activities and built connections with the returning senior students. This was followed by our 3-day camp with us participating in a multitude of exciting activities such as the flying squirrel swing and the lake zip line. The camp was capped off with a thrilling Dean’s House victory in the Camp Olympics.

Since camp the boys have been integrated into classes very well with them all participating in sport and other activities on campus. We have enjoyed events such as Snake dance, Homecoming, Much Music Video Dance and Casino Dance as a house. The boys have also been working together to show house spirit through their competitive side. During the past, few months we saw both Bermuda Cup Soccer and the Cross-Country race. While the results may not have been what they hoped (3rd and 5th), their participation was outstanding and it has been exciting to see them all come together to represent the house.

Every week we have also been enjoying house meetings together which have been utilized in a variety of different ways. A few rounds of flat-on-flat dodgeball helped to ease stress levels were a highlight along with many different activities each week. Our big event this team was Dean’s House version of the cooking show “Chopped”. The boys competed in teams to create the most delicious, creative, and well-presented meal for our guest judges which caused great competition between team but even greater food.

In the final week before Christmas break alone, we tried to remember the feeling of summer by visiting Great Wolf Lodge water park in Niagara Falls. With the facility closed to hotel guests, the Ridley boys were able to take full advantage. The next morning, we rose early to compete in Bermuda Cup Broomball. Third place was not quite the finish the boys had hoped, but from a fan/supporter’s perspective, it was an extremely entertaining morning! And finally, on Monday before break, we headed out to the Mandarin for an all-you-can-eat Christmas dinner, followed by the 5th annual House Captains race, and secret Santa exchange. A tight race with a heated finish, but this year’s winner is Alessandro! Please follow us on Facebook on our Dean’s House page, Twitter @DeanHouse and on Instagram @Deans.House.Knights to keep up to date on your daily dose of Dean’s House.




Home stretch

It’s only 3.5 weeks into term 3 and it’s been incredibly busy all ready.  Our house and boys have been involved in our Chapel talk, Cadet Ball, Cadet Parade/Inspection, action for Humboldt and we’ve held our first BBQ, worked on our lip sync and gone to skyzone for glow jumping.

Our chapel talk was, to put it in the words of several attendees, powerful.  Our new house charity is the Trillium Gift of Life Network.  While we suffered a great loss this year, the idea that through that loss others were helped, hit home with the boys so we chose organ donation as our focus.  Our speech was put together by the boys and executed with passion and precision at chapel.  Thank you to all the other students from other houses who participated and helped make it a highlight of our year.

Cadets has been busy this term with Cadet ball a couple weeks ago and Church parade/cadet inspection this past weekend.  A beautifully sunny day helped make Sunday the event that it was.   It was inspiring watching brothers marching together celebrating a tradition.


Term 3 is pretty busy and stressful so we’ve also made sure that we do some little things to keep everyone positive and happy.  We’ve started having BBQ’s and doing activities such as Skyzone to help the guys relax and just have a bit of fun.


Exams have started for our Gr. 12’s and our 9-11’s will be finishing classes soon.  It’s a pretty stressful time on campus but we know with our house there’s plenty of fun and Dean’s family support to help us get through.

Until next time…

Our Deans House Valentines Day

Pink, red, white, candle light, balloons, sparkling (non-alcoholic) champagne, good food and great company.  What a great event our house had for Valentines Day.  The duty team kept it all quiet for the couple weeks leading up to our event, we covered the windows leading into RMT so that the guys couldn’t see in.  We dimmed the lights and lit the candles which set the mood.  The boys enjoyed being served by the duty team and having a chat with the guys around them whom they may not usually talk to because of grade level or friends circles they’re in.  Great event with great people.  Happy Valentines Day!


Captains Race, House Dinner and 2 not so little reindeer

What a race!  And no, I’m not referring to the race to the buffet at the Mandarin.  Although that was good too.

Our annual captains race was run after our house dinner.  Nick, Colin, Didune and Ethan were our competitors.  Some were better swimmers than others but all raced hard.  Ethan Enns ended up our champion!IMG_7349.jpg


Our dinner was a great time to get all the boys and our duty team together.  The mandarin was a great place to host our dinner and we all ate our weight in good food.  Certainly looking forward to next year!


Two of our boys used their own time to help send a little cheer to the rest of the boys.  They took a weekend and made two reindeer that we have outside our house.  For their selflessness and initiative they were awarded our Knight(s) of the Night.



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