Best of the West

Colton Epperson

Colton Epperson was the 15th student recognized as Best of the West. He was selected this week because of the great work he did in assisting with the setup of the new Authur Bishop West common room.

Best of the West


Horace Wong was the 14th student recognized for the Best of the West Award. Horace was selected this week because of his performance in the swimming competition at the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations. Horace received a gold Medal in . the 50 free style and another gold Medal in the 100 free style.

Best of the West



The 13th Student to be recognized as Best of the West was David Akinyemi. He was selected this week because of his excellent performance in Ridley College’s performance of “The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus.”


Grade Nine Skit at Seven Habits

The grade nine class did an excellent job producing a skit about the nature of win- win, win-lose and lose-lose relationships.


7 habits performance one 7 habits performance 5

7 habits performance 4 7 habits performance 3

7 habits performance 2

They received a great deal of positive feedback for the skit and were invited to lunch with the Head of House afterwords to celebrate a job well done.



Best of the West



Diego Rubio Aguilar was the the student recognized for the twelfth Best of the West award. Diego was selected this week because of his performance at the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships. He did an excellent job and earned sixth place in the competition.




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