House Reach

This past month ABE participated in the House Reach. House Reach is a trivia wide competition that happens between all the house with the winning house getting a trophy. ABE are the defending champions, and in the event, ABE did not disappoint. ABE won all their matches and wait until a date has been set for the finals where they will be facing the top team from the girl houses.

The boys had lots of fun and it was great to see just how much random stuff our boys knew.

Beast of The Week

This week there were two winners! Gabe and Mariano!!!!! Gabe has been always willing to lend a helping hand around the house, and he always does it with a smile (except when taking photos apparently!). Mariano has started to really step up his academic game at Ridley, getting 92% on a recent ESL exam! (Im told as of this posting that he has not told his parents the good news, so if they by chance are reading this post….act surprised!)

Good job boys!!



Beast Of The Week

This weeks Beast Of The Week goes to Clark!!!! Clark has really emerged as one of the leaders in the house and is really leading by a great example that everyone else in the ABE family really appreciates.

thehouse img_7016

Beast Of The Week

This weeks Beast Of The Week goes to Mark!!! Mark has really been making great choices at school of late, and here at ABE we like to acknowledge students who are making good decisions both in and out of the classroom!


Beast Of The Week

The Beast of The Week goes to Tomas! Tomas has been a great addition to the ABE family and has been a great help around the house! (extremely respectful too!!!)


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