ABE at Medieval Times!

For our annual christmas house dinner, ABE went to Medieval Times! For many of the boys, it was the first time that they saw the display of horses, jousting, and sword fighting! It was a great time had by all, and some lucky boys from our house even got a flower from one of the knights! It was a great way to end the year as house.

November 2017 at ABE!!!

November was a crazy month for both Ridley and the boys of ABEast. Here are the highlights from the month:

  1. The start of the month got off to a “running” start – literally- as the school had our annual cross country run. The boys and girls of Ridley ran around the school in order to win points for their respective houses. The boys of ABE definitely showed up to the event with their running shoes on as there was lots of effort and enthusiasm put forth by the boys!!
  2.  Also happening during the first few weeks of the month was BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!! This is an annual event where the students form bands on their own time, learn songs, and then perform them to a live audience, where only one band can come out victorious!! This years winner was the defending champions, Match Point. Congrats!!
  3. November was a special month for the boys of ABE because we got to officially honour an name our house captains!!!! The following were given their house captain pin for ABE: OJ, BJ, Kal, Dimitri, Marcus. Congrats boys and way to represent the house so far and in the future!!
  4. November was host to another Bermuda Cup event. This month was ball hockey!! In true to life sports movie fashion, a band of unlikely heroes took to the field for ABE and through grit, determination, and hard work, emerged from the competition in fourth place!! Well done ABE!!

See below for a slideshow of all these events:

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October 2017 at ABE!!!

October has been the quite the month for the boys of ABE!! Now with everyone settled after a busy  month of September and getting to meet all the new faces and places, now the real fun of Ridley can begin!

October held many fun events for the students at Ridley. In the beginning of the month, boys of ABE voluntarily took part in a 24 hour race against human trafficking. Thats right – 24 hours! ABEast had a great showing by two of our seniors Kal and Dima, who with a group of other rowers, rowed in 30 minute cycles for the full 24 hours. Im surprised they could even stand after for their Beast Of The Week photo after!

Of course, we cannot talk about October without mentioning halloween. Ridley went all out this year for halloween – having a dressup day in the Upper School as well as watching the Lower School do a costume parade of their own.

In the halls of ABE, that atmosphere was kept alive by the annual pumpkin carving contest, where boys carved thier best designs into pumpkins. All of the pumpkins where then put outside to greet the lower school students who came around for halloween.  A big ABE roar goes out to our haloween team of Benni, Marcus, Oj and BJ who kept the thrills and chills alive for everyone who came knocking on ABE’s door.

During this month, ABE also took part in Bermuda Cup events, where each house competes in athletic style competitions for points. ABEast though intimidated at first, pulled through and earned points for our team.  A special roar goes out to Hyunwoo for unlocking his special skill of putting the soccer ball in the top corner of the net every time!

Other events of this month included a pizza party that was held for ABEast as well as ABWest.


First Month Of Ridley At ABE – September 2017

The first month of school is quickly coming upon us. What a busy month it has been!

The start of the month was a exciting one, as we welcomed lots of new students to the halls of ABE. Many students came in wondering what is the year going to hold for them, what kind of adventures await them in their future at Ridley?

Before too much thinking about  the promising future that Ridley has to offer, the boys of ABE loaded buses and were off for a 3 day adventure stay at Camp Onodaga. Here the boys had a blast with many activities their fingertips, such as Kayaking, Mountain biking, water polo, gaga ball and so much more! A big highlight for the boys during these three days was winning the Onodaga Oscar which is a trophy given out to the house that performs the best original skit! In the pictures below, you can see the boys posing with the Oscar.

The nervous faces of new students in ABE quickly turned to comfort as Camp Onodaga was a great bonding experience where they got to meet not only the boys from their house, but connect with boys from other houses.

Soon after arriving back from camp, the boys from ABE were hit with a second event: Snake Dance! This is an annual tradition at Ridley that allows us not only to celebrate the beginning of the school year, but a great way for the school to keep that positive energy going from camp.

As you can see from the photos, the boys had a great time covering themselves in paint and gathering around a huge bonfire for celebrations!

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The rest of the month was much calmer, as classes kicked into high gear. Overall it was a great month and the residential staff at ABE cannot wait for what fun adventures October will bring to the boys of ABE!!!

Prize Day!

Prize Day recently happened at Ridley College. Prize day is a chance for students to get recognized for excellence in the disciplines of athletics, academia, and leadership.  Various boys from ABE got recognized for their excellence in these categories. ABE could not be more proud of these individuals and the excellence that they have shown.

  • Apologies for the quality of the pictures. The stage lights were giving off a great glare.
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Notable Awards were:

ABE House – Reach Cup

Seun Orenuga – Award for exemplary readings in chapel

Ben Johnson – Award for excellence in Sciences while going off to university to continue studying Life Sciences

Clark Schultz – Award for his leadership around the school and house

Padriac Odesse – Award for his leadership around the school and house



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