First month of school recap

And just like that, our first month of school has come to an end. It is hard to think that only a few short weeks ago, some students were taking their first nervous steps into the gates of Ridley College. Now, they are already making friends, joining teams and beginning to find their place within the Ridley Family.

The boys started off the month surrounded by nature at the picturesque camp Onadoga. This gave the students their first chance to begin to connect with their peers as well as their teachers. One of the highlights of camp was the winning of the Oscars for the boy’s final skit as well as their triumph in the tug-of-war contest. It was a very action packed three days but it also allowed the boys to begin the school year with a fresh start and a clear head.

Then students took part in our annual snake dance, which was another huge success. Many students got dressed up in black and orange and showed their school pride. It is truly a spectacle to see all of the upper school students marching around campus with so much excitement and energy.

On September 21st, we celebrated Ridley’s birthday where the students had a fun filled afternoon of activities to celebrate 129 years of Ridley pride.

This coming weekend is the first break of the school year. Some students will be able to go back and see their families, while others will be spending Thanksgiving with the families of newly made friends. This is a time for us to reflect on our experiences of the first month and take some time to recharge before another busy month of school.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Art Appreciation Day

Today the school of Ridley got together to celebrate the arts. It was a time for Ridley students to show off their creative talents and passions and be celebrated for them.

The types of performances included some slam poetry, performances from the jazz band, excerpts from dramatic monologues and much more.

It was great to see the students express themselves in a unique way that was different than that day in- day out of classwork.



Bermuda Basketball – ABE style

In the month of February, there was a Bermuda cup event. All the boys houses competed together in the game of basketball for points. ABE had a strong showing with many of our gr. 9s and 10s making up our junior team and our 11s and 12s making up our senior team, heading up by our first team basketball players. Though we may have not have got the most points, there were no shortage of smiles going around the teams as they all tried their best and had fun.


Winter Carnival At Ridley!!

To celebrate the month of November, Ridley held, for the first time in many years, a winter carnival!! The students had a wonderful day filled with activities highlighted by a wonderful assembly that was held on the rink celebrating the many countries represented at the school with a demonstration of the flags. It was a great sight seeing the students show their pride and enthusiasm for their home country and Canada!!


ABE at Medieval Times!

For our annual christmas house dinner, ABE went to Medieval Times! For many of the boys, it was the first time that they saw the display of horses, jousting, and sword fighting! It was a great time had by all, and some lucky boys from our house even got a flower from one of the knights! It was a great way to end the year as house.

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