Prize Day!

Prize Day recently happened at Ridley College. Prize day is a chance for students to get recognized for excellence in the disciplines of athletics, academia, and leadership.  Various boys from ABE got recognized for their excellence in these categories. ABE could not be more proud of these individuals and the excellence that they have shown.

  • Apologies for the quality of the pictures. The stage lights were giving off a great glare.
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Notable Awards were:

ABE House – Reach Cup

Seun Orenuga – Award for exemplary readings in chapel

Ben Johnson – Award for excellence in Sciences while going off to university to continue studying Life Sciences

Clark Schultz – Award for his leadership around the school and house

Padriac Odesse – Award for his leadership around the school and house



Beast Of The Week

This week’s beast of the week is Mitsu! Mitsu has produced some wonderful pieces of work over the past few weeks, and we at AB East wanted to show our appreciation of his hard work and dedication to his work. Congratulations Mitsu!



ABE House Captains!

Congrats to our 6 house captains who got acknowledged today by Mr. Kidd and Mrs. Bett.

ABE’s house captains are: Clark Schultz, Padraic Odesse, Elvis Odunze, Terry Feng, Richard Jin, Adam Karachi.

Congrats to our House Captains, and way to continue setting a great example for the rest of the house members making ABE proud!

Celebrating Our Reach Team

Coming off our victory at the Reach Cup finals, the beast of the weeks were the members of our junior and senior team.


Pictured here are: Kiano, Arnav, Padraic, Clark, Kal, Raylon, and Daniel.


Congrats to all the members of our teams and congrats on keeping the Reach cup in ABE!


House Reach

This past month ABE participated in the House Reach. House Reach is a trivia wide competition that happens between all the house with the winning house getting a trophy. ABE are the defending champions, and in the event, ABE did not disappoint. ABE won all their matches and wait until a date has been set for the finals where they will be facing the top team from the girl houses.

The boys had lots of fun and it was great to see just how much random stuff our boys knew.

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