Ridley has ten boarding houses. A unique feature of the Ridley boarding experience is the fact that all day students have study and storage space within the houses and opportunities for ‘overnights’ when necessary. The Upper School houses for girls are Gooderham East and West, Leonard and Mandeville. Boys houses include Arthur Bishop East and West, Merritt North and South, and Dean's House. In 2001, the refurbished Lower School was opened. It houses classes for boys and girls in Grades JK to 8 as well as Burgoyne House for junior boarders.

Each House has a Head of House living in a family home adjacent to the House as well as an Assistant Head of House. Also a full duty team of advisors watches over the welfare, personal and academic progress of every student in their care. They are the main point of contact for parents. The residences are home base for the term. Here belongings are kept, pictures put up, and study time is observed. Recreational areas also exist for students. Much emphasis has been put into lightening the public areas where students relax, visit, and socialize with their friends.